Sunday, January 28, 2007

New CD Purchases

I just bought some really great CDs yesterday at Cheapo Records in St. Paul. I picked up White 1 by Sunn O))), Moving Pictures by Rush, and Witchcraft's self titled. Anyone into drone should definitely check out White 1 by Sunn O))). Moving Pictures is a classic progressive rock album and highly recommended for any Rush fan. Witchcraft is 1970s style hard rock/doom metal paying tribute to Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and Pagan Altar.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Long Time, No Post

Well it has been quite a long while since I have made a post on here. My break was okay though it could have been better. The spring semester is well under way and the realization of graduating is starting to dawn upon me.

Musically, not much has changed. I have written a few more riffs that I am currently working into songs. I am still jamming with TJ though we are making zero progress. We have yet to find a bassist or vocalist and it seems as though he is uninterested in working on the music we have written. I am going to give it another month or so and if no progress is made by then I am going to abandon ship, take my music and do a one man recording project until I can get back into a heavy metal band. Discussions of an Enshrined reunion have come up again though I doubt that anything will come of it, mostly because of the lethargic attitudes of the other guys. There were two tentative jam/rehearsal dates set to reunite the original line-up of the band, sans the two weakest members, but each of those dates fell through because of poor scheduling and miscommunication. At this point I am just about ready to give up on the whole rock/metal band idea until Sasha and I move to Seattle. Perhaps once I get there, I will find what I am looking for.

On a separate note, I do not expect to produce any more doom metal podcasts. I simply do not have the time to do them any more. With a wedding to plan, school to finish, job searching, and salvaging my music career, I cannot take the time to put together those podcasts. I hope that those of you who listened to them enjoyed them. Hopefully there are other people out there doing it and keep promoting the doom metal scene.

Oh yeah, I must not forget to announce that Candlemass has found a new vocalist!!!!! The new lead singer for Candlemass will be Solitude Aeturnus' Robert Lowe. Some of you may recognize that band from the Epic Doom Metal podcast I did featuring the music of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. This is great news for Candlemass. Robert fits their style perfectly. I expect the new album to be killer! Congrats to Rob and Cnadlemass.

Well that just about wraps it up for now. I will try to post more often, at least once a week if not more.

Monday, December 18, 2006

All Sorts of Good News!!!!!

I got engaged this weekend! I proposed to Sasha at her work on Saturday night and she said YES!!!!!! We are both very happy and very much in love. Both of our families know about the engagement and are also happy for us. It got it as sort of an early Christmas gift though I have wanted to propose to her for a couple of months now. I am very excited to spend the rest of my life with her. She is the love of my life. We plan on getting married sometime in early 2008 after she finishes college and are both settled in our respective careers. I never thought that this would ever happen to me. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

I jammed with TJ on Friday and it went very well. He is exactly what I am looking for in a guitarist. He has keen sensitivity for rhythm, time, melody, and style. We jammed for about an hour and it seemed to click. I gave him the tabs to some of my songs and taught him a few of the riffs. We also wrote three new riffs in our free form jam session. He and I read each other quite well and it seems that we both have the same musical vision. We will start rehearsing twice a week as soon as the new year rolls around. In the next couple of weeks he is going to learn the songs I already have written, and we are both going to write some more riffs. Then when we start rehearsing we will arrange our riffs and ideas into songs. In the mean time we will be actively searching for a bassist and vocalist as well as deciding on a band name. Right now we have two names in mind and they are "Gallows End" and "Demon's Gate." Hopefully we can decide upon a name in the next week or so. I plan on staying in touch with TJ through e-mail while I am in Racine Wisconsin visiting my fiance's family. I am leaving tomorrow morning and I won't be returning until December 29 or 30.

The semester is now officially done for me and I can look forward to a month's worth of vacation in which I can spend more time with Sasha, focus on writing music, and finish constructing the band. All of my finals went very well and I expect to receive all A's in my course work, though I may end up with a B+ in Woodwind Methods. I will not know what my grades are until early January. Until then, I am going to kick back and enjoy some well deserved vacation time without worrying about scholastic issues. I will continue posting updates with each new development that happens with the band.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Updates

I have officially severed my musical work with Aaron. That means that the projects that we were working on are now void. There will be no Enshrined reunion and there certainly will be no further work with The Light's Demise. Aaron and I have decided that we are too different musically and I do not wish to be in a band with him because he will not allow for other members creative input. We are still friends and will remain in touch with each other, but future musical projects involving he and I are probably not likely. Despite all this bad news I am quite relieved. This has opened up the possibility of getting my own doom metal project started.

Tomorrow night I will be jamming with a friend of mine named TJ who is a guitarist. He is extremely interested in joining the doom metal band with me. He is big into droning, funeral, and sludge doom. I will probably show him some of my riffs, see what he has written, and test his technical capacities as well as musical knowledge. I hope that this audition goes well and he can offer what I am looking for musically. I have decided to abandon my search for a drummer as I will be taking over that position myself. So, if all goes well I will be drumming for the band and TJ will be playing guitar. The next step would be to find a bassist and vocalist.

Things seem like they just may come together for this band. It will be nice to finally be in a band were I actually have some input in the compositional process, unlike Enshrined. I was thinking of a name for the group and Dark Prophecy seems to have a nice ring to it. At least it is sort of a doomy name. I will post an update either tomorrow night or Saturday morning to let you all know how the audition turns out. There is still hope for me yet.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pictures of My Favorite Bands

Black Sabbath
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Saint Vitus
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Jethro Tull
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Uriah Heep
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Sunn O)))
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Deep Purple
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Pagan Altar
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Judas Priest
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Iron Maiden
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Dimmu Borgir
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Cannibal Corpse
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Morbid Angel
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And last but not least:

Anal Cunt- My favorite joke band!!
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Movie for Music in the Web

This is a movie I had to do for an in class assignment for my Music in the Web class.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Epic Doom Metal Podcast

This is a podcast I did on Epic Doom Metal featuring the music of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. In this podcast I do an in depth discussion of the influence Candlemass had on the doom metal genre. I hope you dig it.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well I auditioned a drummer last night for my doom metal band and the guy had no fucking clue how to play doom metal. I guess I didn't make it clear enough to him that the music I am writing is primarily doom metal and requires a drummer who can keep a steady beat at an extremely slow tempo. Perhaps the dude thought he could handle it but much to his surprise, playing accurately at tempos below 60 BPM is more difficult than one would expect. He told me that he had never heard music like that before and thought that he could learn how to play it. I tried to count off the tempos to him before I started playing the riffs but he seemed to want to go twice as fast as I wanted to go. Maybe I am being a little too picky but I want a drummer who knows the style from the get go so that the band can quickly mobilize in the creative process. The last thing I want to deal with at this point is teaching someone how to play this type of music. I need talented musicians who can quickly adjust to this style if they haven't already played it in the past.

So I am back at square one again. I am thinking that I will probably just become the drummer because I doubt I will be able to find any percussionist in the area who can faithfully play this kind of music. That leaves me with trying to find a bassist, vocalist, and guitarist. If any of you knows any talented musicians or are a talented musician yourself who plays these instruments and live in Minnesota, please let me know. I am going to make a poster to hang up in local music shops and on campus. I will use the following criteria. The following qualifications are of utmost importance:

1.)Have a developed understanding of music theory including chords, scales, modes, time signatures, and song writing ability.

2.)Possess previous experience as a member of a rock or metal band.

3.)Have a good attitude and dedicated work ethic. Egos are NOT welcome!!

4.)Own equipment and have a means of transportation.

5.)Encompass an open mind and can work democratically with other people.

6.)Are willing to set aside 2-4 evenings a week to rehearse plus weekend and night time gigging.

7.)You must be at least competent on your instrument. Virtuosity is not necessarily required though it will make you a better candidate.

8.)Most importantly, you must have some sort of prior knowledge of heavy metal and must be a fan of Black Sabbath. If you do not like Black Sabbath than please do not apply.

I feel like my quest to form a band is becoming completely futile. I hope that these posters will turn up some people who want to make this kind of music. If not, I guess that the project will have to go on the back burner until Sasha and I move to Seattle in 2008. Then maybe it will come together.

As for the other band I am currently working on with Aaron, we have completely changed direction once again. Aaron decided that he did not want to reunite Enshrined but rather try and work around Chris's schedule with Cult of the Undead. Personally I do not foresee this working out and the outlook for this project is even more grim than the doom metal band I am putting together. I don't see how it will be possible for Chris to work with us when he is already in a band that plays 3 days a week and gigs almost every weekend. That does not leave very much time for him to work with us.

I am now considering backing away from this band to focus my energies on forming my own band. I am extremely frustrated right now and need some time to reflect on the current situation to figure out what I am going to do. If any of you have any thoughts or ideas, please give me your two cents. I would much rather do the doom metal band but getting people together to accomplish this task will be difficult. At the same rate, I am not as excited about the band with Aaron, however, it does have a more steady line-up though it is still not complete. I am stumped as to what I should do. As the great doom metal band Buzzoven wrote, "I am at a loss."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Traditional Doom Podcast

This is the podcast I did on traditional doom metal. It is only part one of a multiple part series that I plan to continue early next year. On this podcast you will here musical examples from the legendary doom metal band Saint Vitus and cult doom band Pagan Altar. Listen and doom your ass off to some great tracks!

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Good News!

I just got off the phone with Aaron and we have come up with a possible solution to our lacking a band problem. We are going to try and reform Enshrined by picking up some of our old members. The line up we are discussing involves Aaron on rhythm/lead guitar, Justin on drums, Chris on rhythm/lead guitar, and myself on keyboards. With this set up we will only be lacking a bassist. All of our other parts will be covered. We do have a few ideas for a bassist and we are hoping to get someone within the next couple of weeks.

Our plan is to use two or three of the old Enshrined songs and write the rest of the material from scratch. Aaron is in the process of discussing this quasi-reunion with the other guys. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a bassist. Essentially this would be the third re-vamped version of Enshrined, minus the two weakest members of the old band line up. I think that if this all goes through we will probably start gigging and recording demos sooner than I initially expected.

We are not entirely sure if we will go under the name Enshrined or not. Personally I would rather go by that name than the one Aaron currently has picked out for us which is The Light's Demise. I think it would be in our best interest to come up with a completely new name since the style of the music is different than what we were making in Enshrined. We will ultimately decide this as soon as we complete the line up.

It is all up in the air at this point. I am hoping that the reformation of Enshrined will be completed by the end of this week so that we can start rehearsing and writing new material. I will continue to post with each update I get. These are some very exciting and uncertain times for me and my musical career. I hope that it will all work out for the best.