Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Updates

I have officially severed my musical work with Aaron. That means that the projects that we were working on are now void. There will be no Enshrined reunion and there certainly will be no further work with The Light's Demise. Aaron and I have decided that we are too different musically and I do not wish to be in a band with him because he will not allow for other members creative input. We are still friends and will remain in touch with each other, but future musical projects involving he and I are probably not likely. Despite all this bad news I am quite relieved. This has opened up the possibility of getting my own doom metal project started.

Tomorrow night I will be jamming with a friend of mine named TJ who is a guitarist. He is extremely interested in joining the doom metal band with me. He is big into droning, funeral, and sludge doom. I will probably show him some of my riffs, see what he has written, and test his technical capacities as well as musical knowledge. I hope that this audition goes well and he can offer what I am looking for musically. I have decided to abandon my search for a drummer as I will be taking over that position myself. So, if all goes well I will be drumming for the band and TJ will be playing guitar. The next step would be to find a bassist and vocalist.

Things seem like they just may come together for this band. It will be nice to finally be in a band were I actually have some input in the compositional process, unlike Enshrined. I was thinking of a name for the group and Dark Prophecy seems to have a nice ring to it. At least it is sort of a doomy name. I will post an update either tomorrow night or Saturday morning to let you all know how the audition turns out. There is still hope for me yet.


Anonymous Susan M said...

Hope it goes well.

Friday, December 15, 2006 9:45:00 AM  

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